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My name is Petra Černá and I am breeding British Shorthair cats since 2006. Since 2013 I am FIFe International judge for category III (Shorthair and Somali cats) and since 2015 also for category I (Persian and Exotic cats) & also FIFe Student Judge for category IV (Siamese and Oriental cats). Last but definitely not least I am also a student of veterinary medicine. I devote all my time to cat breeding and cats are more then a hobby to me, they are the meaning and love of my life.

Our cattery was registered in 2006 in the international organisation FIFe. We used to breed the British Shorthair cats in colours such as blue, lilac, creme, tortie, colourpoint, silver colourpoint, but at the moment we only have blue and black silver tabby British in addition to one Exotic and Persian.

All our cats are vaccinated against Naše kočičky jsou řádně očkované nadstandartní vakcínou proti panleukopenia, chlamydia, calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, rabies and FeLV, regularly dewormed and tested for FIV, FeLV, PKD and HCM with negative results.

Our kittens leave us to the new homes around 13-14 weeks already neutered, 3x dewormed a 2x vaccinated with microchip and EU passport.
We prefer to sell our kittens as pets only or to same minded breeders.

Our kittens live in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, CroatiaSwitzerland and also the United States.

MVDr. Petra Černá, MRCVS

Brno, Czech Republic
Tel: +420 724 135 007

e-mail: royalangel@seznam.cz

personal FB: petra.royalangel
FB fanpage: royalangel.cz