Welcome Bonita

Very happy and proud to introduce my new girl I’m All Yours of Royal Angel*CZ aka Bonita ❤️❤️❤️ My new girl has come from Spain. My dearest Carmen I cannot thank you enough for this little treasure, without you she would never be here. Out of Especially for Me of Royal Angel*CZ & Rush Maker Luludi*PL born and raised in Spain by Cancion de Cuna but out of my cats and carrying my cattery name. Hope you’ll get used to the Scottish weather my little angel.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

New kittens

We are very proud to present our new litter “D2” of Royal Angel*CZ. Our babies were born on 23.08.2015 and the proud parents are Your Princess of Royal Angel*CZ & Diamond-PRO Elliot. More information under kittens or contact us on royalangel@seznam.cz


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World Cat Show in Prague!

I would like to thank everyone for making the FIFe World Show 2014 in Prague so special!! Many thanks to my colleagues from the organising team, many thanks to all our amazing judges for doing a great job, many thanks to all the exhibitors for travelling so far to be part of the special and for me an unforgettable event!!!

I cannot be more happy and proud not only for being part of the organisation but also because our GIP CH Philadelphia of Nilfgaard*PL was EX 1, CAPS and NOM and she lost by two votes to the WW14, beautiful korat from Finland so she is the second best neuter female of 2014 and especially because my super special sweet baby girl Best of Best of Royal Angel*CZ was EX 1, BIV, NOM and lost by ONE vote to beautiful WW14 russian blue kitten from Italy! I have never ever been more proud as a breeder and after many years I had tears in my eyes at the cat show!!!!

I would like to thank the new owner of Bessi and my special friend Carmen Mariscal for making this feeling possible since she not only travelled through half Europe to bring Bessi to WS but also few years ago let me have her beautiful Fifinka, mother of Bessi.

I will never forget this super special weekend so once again thanks to all my friends for making this World Show so special!!!

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Show in Valencia

Best of Best of Royal Angel*CZ was shown at the show in Valencia.
Bessi was 2 x BIV, 2 x NOM and 2 x BEST ON SHOW with all votes!!! I am so proud !!!

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Our C2 litter was born on 06.06.2014 – proud parents are Britz Summer Rain and SC Dolce Lovely Pather*CZ, DVM, DSM

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22.06.2014 – Cat show in Prague

10686765_10152491190339177_5418490938855158210_n We have participated at FIFe International Cat show in Prague.

Our amazing Best of Best of Royal Angel*CZ have received EX 1, BIV and NOM
and GIP CH Philadelphia of Nilfgaard*PL received CAPS and NOM.

We are super proud of both of our girls. Bessi lives now with my dear friend Carmen (Canción de Cuna cattery) in Spain. We wish them both best luck.


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Most sincere thanks to my dear Marta Borkowska (Sepis Project) for making my dream web design and taking amazing photos of my sweethearts.

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