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Kitten info

If you are interested in one of our kittens, please contact us. Please introduce yourself and write short info about yourself, your experience with cats etc. We are not going to answer any e-mails like “How much do you want for a kitten?” without any other information. Our kittens are part of our family and when someone cannot even introduce themselves than they do not deserve to have a kitten from us. We care very much about the future of our kittens and we want them to be spoiled the same way they are at our home.

Kittens leave our cattery neutered!!!, at the age of minimum 13 weeks, but we prefer them to stay with us longer. Kittens are twice vaccinated (PUREVAX or NOBIVAC FORCAT – against panleukopienia, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and chlamydia) and regularly wormed. Vaccination against rabies depends on the agreement with new owners. All kittens will be also micro chipped! You will also receive a contract, pet passport, CD with photos of the babies and a package with toys and samples of food the kitten is used to make its way to the new home as smooth as possible. We like to stay in contact with all new owners and we are more than willing to help with anything concerning our babies.
We are looking for careful and loving owners for our kittens to make sure they will be loved and looked after in the best way. It is therefore very important for us to get to know the owners and eventually to help them with breeding or answer any of their questions concerning the lives of our kittens. The acquisition of a cat is not a matter of few months but many years. We want to avoid any problems or troubles for our kittens in the future and we are definitely not willing to put our loving babies into care of someone who is not prepared to give them enough attention, care and most importantly, a huge amount of LOVE.
Our queens have only a maximum of 1 litter per year as we think of our cats as family members and beloved animals and then as breeding studs and queens. Moreover, we carefully plan our litters in order to give each and every kitten enough love and attention because we only want to breed happy and healthy kittens that will bring love and happines to the homes of their new owners.

Some of our kittens have found their new homes abroad in Europe such as Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and also very far away in the USA.

We only sell our kittens as pets or to same minded breeders.
We want our kittens to find a loving home as pets and we sell kittens for breeding only under certain conditions and when we have the chance to get know the breeder very well.

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